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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Off to Hong Kong!

Off to Hong Kong tonight to spend Christmas with my in-laws. They're visiting Hong Kong for the first time and are pretty adventurous when it comes to food (they're actually the inventors of kaya mixed in yoghurt, and enjoyed bak kut teh on a ski trip!), so gotta make sure I'm well-prepped in terms of places to go, things to try etc. Just as well cos my last few business trips to Hong Kong were exceedingly short and micro-organized, so I haven't really been able to check out much local food.

Here's the game plan so far:

1) Dim sum - Fu Sing at Sunshine Plaza, Lockhart Road. Michelle first brought us here in July and we went again for her post-wedding lunch last October. The XO noodles are the best. Unfortunately, she wasn't there to help us order the second time round; we muddled through it but missed out key dishes like the pineapple char siew baos. Need to redeem myself this time!

2) Formal Chinese - Hutong at No. 1 Peking Road. Part of the Aqua Group. This will be our Christmas eve dinner and we're expecting a lot! The set menu looks fantastic and there will also be fireworks in the bay that evening. I still find that Singapore lacks good fine regional Chinese food e.g. Shanghainese, Sichuan, northern... We lived in Beijing for 2 years and even though Beijing's very constrained in terms of freshness of food and restaurant design, so much tasted better than anything we've found in Singapore. Xi Yan's probably the closest thing but even their food is very Japanese/Thai influenced. In a nutshell, this is gonna be good!!!

3) Western buffet - Vong at the Mandarin Oriental. Figured my folks would probably appreciate some Western food on Christmas day. Doesn't sound spectacular, but probably a nice tourist thing to do anyway, what with the view and all. And they have ham and turkey.

4) Hong Kong institution - Yung Kee. I guess you can't visit Hong Kong without going to Yung Kee! I haven't been since 1998 and have vague memories of it, that probably means it's time to go back.

5) Really local food - Dad-in-law has requested that we try lots of street/casual food. We'll be staying in Kowloon so I guess we can wander around and stumble on places. My mum's suggested Nathan Road, Lock Road and a couple of other streets whose names I don't remember now but will probably recognise them when I get my hands on a map.

So that's it! Back on Sunday with write-ups and pics (hopefully)!


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