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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Azhang is moving!

Azhang update - finally brought Philippe there last Saturday with Jean and Francois.

Had the lamb loin again, but this time with lamb chops. The smokiness and leaner cut of the lamb chops really brought out the sweetness of the dijon and black sugar much better. The guys had beef kebabs, Jean had chicken, and we all shared a lovely bowl of buttered pasta as a side. Also finally managed to resist my urge to run across the street to My Mum's Place for orh nee and tried the house chocolate pudding instead - a rich, alchoholic and brownie-like slab topped with whipped cream.

It was at the end of this very satisfying dinner, and after Philippe and I had begun to make plans to be regulars here, that chef owner Patrick Zhang came round to say hi. To our dismay, he mentioned that this would be their last week in operation. Apparently, a resident at the nearby Sandalwood development had complained about exhaust fumes from the back of the kitchen. A URA investigation ensued, following which it was decided that Azhang had to vacate the premises immediately. Chef Patrick is still on the lookout for a potential new venue, and hopes to stay in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood he calls home.

The one silver lining is that the restaurant will go out with a bang - specifically, a couple of the social dinners it is now famous for, to take place this Saturday and Sunday night (Feb 18th and 19th). Saturday's menu features Azhang's local staples such as pandan chicken, ayam buah keluah, nasi lemak and sambal udang petai for $35+++, while Sunday will revisit the restaurant's European offerings such as grilled lamb chops and roast beef at $60+++. As usual for Azhang's social nights, both dinners include the option of a free flow of wine for a mere $11+++. Reservations are a must.

So to everyone who's been delaying a visit to Azhang, this may be your last chance for a while, do come down and support this charming local establishment. And if you're the Sandalwood resident who lodged the complaint, a pox on you! May you be doomed to a life of bad food :)


  • Great blog and nice writing style :D
    You might be interested to know that Azhang has moved to 6 Mohamed Sultan Road :D

    By Blogger eyes, At 8:21 PM  

  • Oops saw your more recent post
    Scrap my previous comment :P

    By Blogger eyes, At 9:32 PM  

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