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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Figs and zucchini flowers: The sensei way

In this modern day, women have increasingly taken on, and often times excelled in, what have traditionally been seen as men's roles. Be in professionally, athletically or financially, be it voluntarily or as a result of circumstances, women have expanded their fields of responsibility to what was previously thought out of their reach... Including the most traditional of men's roles - that of the hunter gatherer.

Maybe my mom was thinking these thoughts as she carted back a box of figs and several packs of zucchini flowers from Sydney?

(In Carrie Bradshaw voice): If a man were to bring food back from Australia, what would he bring?

My guess is that it'd have something to do with dead marsupials *shudder*

At any rate, progress of the modern woman = good food for me.

The first round of figs and zucchini flowers took place at my mom's on Sunday. Being Chap Goh Mei, the 15th day of the lunar new year and hence the last day to celebrate Chinese New Year, dinner was a family occasion and began with the mandatory plate of yu sheng.

My mom doesn't host dinner for the entire family all that often, but when she does she goes all out, so our yu sheng became abalone yu sheng, with possibly almost more abalone than salad:

Again, apologies for the colours on the pics. Tried a new camera and obviously should've gotten more light. That or I need to learn to photoshop (or both). Akan datang!

Our appetizer for the evening was fresh figs with yoghurt, served with some gorgeous prosciutto from Cantina and a generous dollop of rich homemade fig jam (the fortunate fate that befell the figs that got bruised in their intercontinental travels):

This was followed by fried zucchini flowers, the first batch stuffed with three cheeses and the second with a mixture of salmon and ricotta. These were served with optional yoghurt-fresh herbs and olive dips:

Cross section of a stuffed zucchini flower:

Our main was roast lamb marinated with beer and rosemary (neglected to mention the lamb was also carted back from Oz, I have a sneaky suspicion my mom had nothing in her luggage but food):

The kids (i.e. my generation) contributed a mishmash of desserts, including cheng tng from Adam Road, a chocolate banana cake from Awfully Chocolate (a must try if you haven't!), and chocolate covered orange peel from Leonidas. Other desserts included desperate swigs of the remaining wine and champagne at the table. Something for everyone :)

Needless to say, I rushed into the kitchen the second dinner ended to stake my claim on the remaining figs and flowers, with much success. Which then leads to my next post... (or previous post, depending on how you read it. basically the one written chronologically after this one, aiyah). Same ingredients, different recipes, better photos. Onwards!


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